Lapų pustuvai - siurbliai

Manufacturer s code: DCL182Z Features and equipment of the vacuum cleaner: Cordless work, Power r..
Manufacturer s code: WG547E.9Regulation of the air blow: 2 degreesType of motor: Electric motorPerfo..
Manufacturer s code: DUB183ZRegulation of the air blow: 3 degreesType of motor: Brush motor, Electri..

KARCHER LBL2 1.445-100.0 Lapų pustuvas

Manufacturer s code: 5133002188Product type: BlowersPower: 3000 WType of motor: Electric motorVolume..
Manufacturer s code: GW3030-QS Product type: Vacuum cleaners Power: 3000 W Type of motor: Brush..
Manufacturer s code: GW3050-QS Product type: Vacuum cleaners Regulation of the air blow: 2 degre..
Type: Handheld blower Product colour: Blue, Black Weight: 2.5 kg Idle speed: 13000 l/min Airsp..

KARCHER LBL4 1.445-150.0 Lapų pustuvas


KARCHER BLV 18-200 1.444-100.0 Lapų pustuvas

Product colour: Blue, BlackIdle speed: 18000 RPMWeight: 2.5 kgBattery voltage: 18 V..
Product colour: Black, Yellow Type: Handheld blower Bag capacity: 45 L Airspeed: 240 km/h Suct..

KARCHER BLV 36-240 1.444-170.0 Lapų pustuvas

Product colour: Blue, BlackNoise level: 96 dBPower: 2500 WAirspeed: 352.8 km/hSuction mode: NWeight:..
Manufacturer s code: DCM587N-XJ Regulation of the air blow: Lack Type of motor: Brushless motor,..